In a candid interview with Big John McCarthy, Islam Makhachev finally addresses his weight cut struggles for UFC 284 clash against Alex Volkanovski

UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev recently opened up about the difficulties he faced during his weight cut leading up to his highly anticipated fight against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284.

In a candid interview with Big John McCarthy and UFC veteran Josh Thomson on WEIGHING IN , Makhachev revealed that he had to endure a grueling process to make weight, which took a significant toll on his body and performance.

When questioned about the weight-cutting program and the difficulties he had at the fight camp, Islam Makhachev revealed that he had started his training camp for the fight four months in advance and had been training every day since then. However, he noted that the intense training schedule had made his weight-cutting process for the Volkanovski fight particularly challenging.

The 31-year-old UFC champion stated:

“Honestly I’m training this game you know. I trained for the fight for 4 months. I start my camp from September, I went to the total to the long time I did like, a big trajining camp and right after the fight I just keep training.”

Despite having a properly routined fight camp in place, Islam Makhachev admitted that it was a demanding process that required him to track his training and food intake meticulously. He also stated that he faced similar challenges while cutting weight for his previous fight against Charles Oliveira.

Check out the entire conversation here:

Chael Sonnen reveals a shocking revelation concerning Islam Makhachev’s suspected IV usage

Chael Sonnen has commented on the controversy surrounding Islam Makhachev‘s weight cut and recovery after his UFC 284 victory over Alexander Volkanovski.

Following the fight, Volkanovski and his team, including Dan Hooker, raised concerns about Makhachev’s alleged use of an IV during his recovery after the weight cut. This has sparked a debate about the rules set by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and whether Makhachev violated any regulations.

Sonnen expressed his displeasure with the nurse who allegedly snitched on Makhachev to Alexander Volkanovski’s side during an interview on The MMA Hour show with Ariel Helwani.

“I will just share with you, whoever the big mouth nurse is that thinks this is gonna be her 15 minutes of fame, she’s a scumbag, she should’ve never opened her mouth. If she comes into somebody’s room, and she takes a fee, and she’s doing something that’s a medical procedure that she deems is appropriate and necessary and then later finds out it’s [cheating] and then speaks up to Dan Hooker and the gang, she’s no good.”

Check out the entire interview here:

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