Is the Logan Paul-like man choked out by Nate Diaz an MMA fighter

Nate Diaz choked out a Logan Paul lookalike on the streets of New Orleans last Friday evening. The former UFC star was originally in attendance for the Misfits 6 boxing event that went down at the XULA Convocation Center.

Diaz got into a streetside scuffle with Paul’s doppelganger, Rodney Peterson, which ended quickly. The Stockton slugger landed a knee from the clinch before choking Peterson out on his feet.

Peterson has since called out Nate Diaz via social media, promising to ‘knock him the f*** out’. While he might not be able to knock Diaz out, it turns out that the TikToker does have a background in combat sports.

According to combat sports tournament platform Smoothcomp, Rodney Peterson is a blue belt in BJJ and currently trains at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu in Omaha. The 34 year old has 13 wins and 10 losses in grappling competitions, with 10 of those wins coming via submission.

Peterson had originally started his TikTok account with videos of music, jiu jitsu and his children. However, things changed when people started noticing similarities between him and Logan Paul. Rodney Peterson has since rebranded his social media to ‘not Logan Paul’, which has seemingly worked out well for him.

Logan Paul’s lookalike reportedly confronted Nate Diaz before getting choked out

Nate Diaz initially got into a brawl with reality TV star turned celebrity boxer Chase DeMoor at the Misfits 6 boxing event in New Orleans. The Stockton slugger was eventually escorted out of the building after throwing a bottle at DeMoor. Chase DeMoor has since challenged Diaz to spend five minutes with him inside a cage.

Logan Paul’s lookalike Rodney Peterson was reportedly a part of DeMoor’s entourage which later got into a brawl with Diaz’s team on the streets. According to MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin, Peterson could be seen confronting Diaz before the Stockton native effortlessly put him to sleep. Martin wrote:

“From what I’ve been told, Petersen was apparently part of the group with reality star Chase DeMoor, who previously got into it with Diaz and was also involved in the melee outside the bar. Videos showed him confronting Diaz before he was choked out.”

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