Israel Adesanya shared his picks between Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo in the main event of UFC 288

Aljamain Sterling is set to welcome Henry Cejudo back from retirement at UFC 288 this weekend. The pair will do battle for the bantamweight title in what should be an exciting stylistic matchup.

Predictions for this weekend’s main event have begun flooding the internet, and Israel Adesanya recently shared his picks for the pay-per-view card on YouTube.

‘The Last Stylebender’ stated that he will be rooting for Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288 this weekend and made it clear that he is not a fan of Cejudo.

Adesanya recently fired shots at Cejudo for comments ‘Triple C’ made following the Nigerian-New Zealander’s win over Alex Pereira, and once again took aim at the former double champ whilst predicting this weekend’s main event:

“I’m gonna pick Aljo, ’cause I don’t like Henry. See I don’t have to make no bulls**t up and try to justify it. I’ll just say I don’t like him, I don’t like the munchkin. I don’t like Henry Cejudo. Yeah I said your name, you little f***ing b***h. For such a smart man he let his emotions cloud his judgment and he starts to get real hater vibes. Because he thinks me being great takes away from his greatness.”

Watch the video below:

Henry Cejudo will return to the octagon after more than three years since his initial retirement at UFC 249. ‘Triple C’ is seeking to reclaim the belt that he relinquished in 2020 and will make promotional history if he defeats Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288.

‘Funk Master’ will make history of his own if he beats Cejudo. Sterling is currently tied-first for the most bantamweight title defenses in modern MMA history (2), and a victory over ‘Triple C’ will make him the first champion to defend the title three times.

Aljamain Sterling compares his grappling style to Henry Cejudo’s

Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo will face off in the main event of UFC 288 this weekend. Both men have exceptional grappling skills, and speculation has been rife about who’s style will be superior.

‘Funk Master’ often uses his grappling to take the back of his opponent and look for submissions or a TKO stoppage. On the other hand, Cejudo uses his Olympic gold medal-winning freestyle wrestling to control his opponent from the top position.

Aljamain Sterling recently gave an interview to Australian broadcaster Main Event, where he compared his grappling style to Henry Cejudo’s and said:

“I think my jiu-jitsu speaks for itself. Funkjitsu baby. I think my style is completely different to his. He’s a freestyle wrestler, I’m a folk wrestler. His style is to take you down and score points, so there’s no real control…”

Watch the interview below from 3:20:

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