It seems internet sensation Hasbulla Magomedov might face some competition soon

It seems internet sensation Hasbulla Magomedov might face some competition soon. Issac Pruitt is a nine-year-old from York, Pennsylvania, who suffers from the same dwarfism condition as the Dagestani star but reckons he could defeat Hasbulla in a fight if it ever came to that.

Despite the significant eleven-year age gap between the two, Pruitt is often compared to Hasbulla. He rose to fame after making it big on TikTok with viral videos of himself as his alter ego ‘Officer Issac’. His content revolves around him patrolling, investigating, and catching criminals like a police officer.

Isaac Pruitt’s love for the police force and law enforcement even caught the attention of the New York Police Department, who swore him and his sister into the force as honorary sergeants & Police officers.

Frequently dubbed ‘Hasbulla’s American brother,’ the York native has no complaints about being constantly compared to the 20-year-old Dagestani influencer. In an interview with Daily Star , Issac Pruitt stated:

“I actually kind of like it. He’s one of my favorite celebrities.”

When asked who’d win if a scuffle broke out between the two, Pruitt believed he’d “probably win” and backed himself to beat Hasbulla because his law enforcement skills gave him the edge in a fight.

State police surprise ‘Hasbulla’s twin brother’ with special event

Despite being only nine years old, Issac Pruitt has big dreams of becoming a police officer one day. With his ‘Officer Issac’ persona on Tiktok, the Hasbulla lookalike soon caught the attention of a real police officer, Austin Glickman of the NYPD. Glickman himself has over 150,000 followers on the social media app.

While the NYPD officer initially planned to send Pruitt some merchandise, he was later contacted to arrange a special event just for the York native. The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) coordinated with Glickman to give Isaac Pruitt an incredible dream experience at the Pennsylvania State Police Museum in Hershey.

The PSP expressed its appreciation for Issac Pruitt through a statement from one of their Troopers, who stated:

“He’s a remarkable kid, and we wanted this day to be extra special, so bringing out our K9 units, letting him tour our museum, giving him swag and apparel from the state police, it’s the least we can do to shower him with love and joy.”

While a fight between UFC-affiliated star Hasbulla and Issac Pruitt is highly unlikely to materialize, the young boy is certainly an inspiration for any child facing the same challenges.

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