Jake Paul as revealed who he would like to face next as potential opponents, lists Anderson Silva and Floyd Mayweather

Jake Paul has revealed who he would like to face next as potential opponents.

YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Jake Paul was interviewed by Teddy Atlas and Ken Rideout on a recent episode of The Fight podcast.

During their conversation, the hosts inquired about who the 25-year-old’s next opponent in the boxing ring would be. In response, ‘The Problem Child’ stated that his team is still compiling a list of opponents.

However, when asked about a few names from the list, Paul had this to say:

“Yeah, we are still locking down opponents, you know. There’s a lot of names…You know Floyd Mayweather…De La Hoya, Anderson Silva… Tyson Fury, Sunny Williams out of Australia. So there is a lot of people in the hit list and um, the other names that we’re talking to, you know… Just trying to pick the biggest opponent right. Everyone I have fought, and I am not trying to be like arrogant but everyone I have fought, I have carried the promotion… No one has matched my star. No one has matched my power. So looking for that opponent that can match my star power. “

You can catch the entire episode of the The Fight podcast featuring Jake Paul below:

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