Jake Paul destroys Ben Askren in the first round

At the Mercedes Benz Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, the main fight of the big boxing show from the Triller platform has ended, which led the fight between star video blogger Jake Paul and ex-UFC fighter Ben Askren.

Poor form of Askren, who was never famous for his striking technique, did not promise his fans anything good. Despite this factor, Paul began the fight in a rather disciplined manner, preferring well-defined punches to chaotic swoops.

Askren tried to knit an opponent in a clinch, but it did not work out for him for long. In the middle of the first round, Paul delivered an accurate right hand, sending Askren to a heavy knockdown. Ben got to his feet, but the referee gave the go-ahead.

After the fight, Jake Paul could not hold back his emotions, bursting into tears over the most important victory in his boxing career, which now has three fights.

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