Jake Paul is eager to fight again - 'The Problem Child vs. 'Top G' Andrew Tate teased after have heated face-off

The influencer and boxing worlds are set to collide again after Jake Paul appeared to confirm that he is in discussions with controversial internet personality Andrew Tate.

‘The Problem Child’ last stepped into the ring in October when faced MMA legend Anderson Silva. The former Disney channel star went the distance with the Brazilian icon and stunned fans when he dropped ‘Spider’ in the final round.

Paul had his hand raised via unanimous decision and extended boxing record to 6-0.

“Negotiations. @MostVpromotions”

‘Top G’ is a polarizing figure who has been at the forefront of controversy this year. A former kickboxing world champion, Tate has a networth of over $350 million after going into business with his brother and hosting a successful podcast.

The 35-year-old was ‘cancelled’ earlier this year for a string of outlandish remarks on men and women in society that resulted in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook banning him.

Andrew Tate has been in public spats with influencers such as KSI and True Geordie, but recent developments with Jake Paul suggest he is closer than ever to making a return to fighting.

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When Joe Rogan labeled Andrew Tate a “a hard man”

Joe Rogan has never been one to shy away from controversy and weighed in on the drama surrounding Andrew Tate when he was de-platformed earlier this year.

Rogan responded to Tate’s social media exodus on his podcast, sharing that both of his sons had asked him about Tate after seeing viral clips of him on social media.

The 54-year-old admitted that he liked the 35-year-old because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, regardless of whether their would be backlash:

“My 12-year-old and 14-year-old asked me about Andrew Tate. I said, ‘He’s a legit world champion kickboxer and I like him,’ [They asked], ‘Why do you like him?’ They said he said some funny stuff… Look, part of it is like a character, and part of it, he’s a legit world champion kickboxer, who’s a hard man, who doesn’t buy any p***y bulls**t. And that’s what’s resonating with young people. The worry is that kids are going to listen to him because he’s big on TikTok.”

Despite the social media blackout that Tate has been suffering from, Rogan confirmed that he was more than willing to invite him onto The Joe Rogan Experience:

“It’s a conversation, right? Especially now.”

Catch the clip from the JRE here:

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