Jan Blachowicz shared his thoughts on the fight with Jon Jones.

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UFC light heavyweight champion Pole Jan Blachowicz has once again announced that he is ready to share the octagon with American Jon Jones in the next fight. According to Jan, he is now waiting for the decision of the UFC management regarding his opponent and if they make their choice in favor of Jones, he will only be glad.

Jan Blachowicz shared his thoughts on the fight with Jon Jones.

While the UFC and the rest of the world want Jon Jones to face Francis Ngannou at heavyweight, Jan Blachowicz has a desire to face Jones at light heavyweight. Moreover, Blachowicz thinks that John knows inside himself that he will lose to Jan if they fight.

Jan Blachowicz has long attracted the attention of Jon Jones. Jan is currently on a five-win streak and has won his last 9 of his ten previous bouts. He also won the UFC light heavyweight title, left by Jones, who decided to move to heavyweight. However, fate has not yet allowed Blachowicz to meet with Jones, and Jan believes he knows why.

In a conversation with BT Sport, Jan Blakhovich touched upon many topics, primarily the light heavyweight division. Although Jon Jones is a heavyweight, Blachowicz believes his champion status may have been a factor in his move.

“You know now I am the king of 205, but he can come back at 205. I will know I can meet him into a fight or heavyweight, I dont care. So I am just waiting for the next fight, the next decision. If you used to give Jon Jones, I will be happy, If not I will be happy about my next opponent, I think my next opponent will be Glover Teixeira, but we will see. But I think he’ll stay at heavyweight, but if he changes his mind, I am waiting for him no problem.”

“I understand him you know. He do almost everything at 205. Almost. Because he don’t fight against me. That’s why he do almost everything,” Jan Blachowicz said.

“And I understand his decision because I think he knew that when he gonna fight against me he’s gonna lose this fight you know so he do this decision ‘okay now I go to heavyweight, if I go to heavyweight, if I lose in heavyweight you know no problem because you know I will no stop talking okay but that was not my weight”

Jan Blachowicz fought his last fight on March 6 at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, USA in the main event of UFC 259 against New Zealander Israel Adesanya. Blachowicz won by unanimous decision.

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