Jared Gordon expressed interest in a rematch in London against Paddy Pimblett

Jared Gordon recently expressed interest in a rematch against Paddy Pimblett.

Gordon locked horns with Pimblett in a lightweight matchup at the co-main event of UFC 282. ‘The Baddy’ was awarded a unanimous decision win against ‘Flash’ after fighting for three rounds.

However, the outcome of the match turned out to be quite controversial as many fans and MMA pundits claimed that Gordon was robbed of a win.

In a recent interview with TMZSports, Jared Gordon called out the Liverpudlian for a rematch. ‘Flash’ even agreed to fight ‘The Baddy’ at the upcoming UFC pay-per-view in London next year.

Gordon said:

“The Paddy fans, all the Scousers messaging me, ‘Hey, I am from Liverpool. I’m a Paddy fan but you won. Got a new fan of me.’ So, you know I could like complain about it and be bitter, you know, publicly and sob. But I am gonna take it in stride and…I would love a rematch. I will go to London to fight him.”

Prior to his fight against the Liverpudlian, ‘Flash’ took on Leonardo Santos at UFC 278 and secured a decision win over the Brazilian. He is currently on a one-fight losing streak in the UFC and holds a pro record of 19 wins and six losses.

You can check out Gordon’s talk about his recent loss against Pimblett below:

Paddy Pimblett defends controversial win against Jared Gordon at UFC 282

Despite many claiming that Jared Gordon was robbed of a win against Paddy Pimblett, the Liverpudlian believes that he is the rightful winner of the match.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference of UFC 282, ‘The Baddy’ defended his win by saying:

“Everyone has got an opinion, lad, the opinions are a**holes, you know what I mean? Everyone has got one. I know I won that fight… I won a unanimous decision, it’s not even like it was a split decision. Look at his face and look at mine. Fights gets scored on damage now. I landed a lot more damage, end of… Control time means nothing when you don’t do nothing with it.”

You can check out Paddy Pimblett giving his opinion on his recent bout against Gordon below:

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