Fans claim John Fury is ‘nowhere to be seen’ following Tyson Fury’s loss to Oleksandr Usyk… after his chaotic role in the build-up to the heavyweight world title fight in Saudi Arabia.

Oleksandr Usyk was announced as the winner on a split decision verdict on Saturday night following the 12-round contest in Riyadh. The judges scored the bout 115-112 Usyk, 114-113 Fury and 114-113 Usyk, as the 37-year-old secured all four heavyweight belts.

Boxing fans have been quick to highlight John Fury’s role in the Gypsy King’s camp following the first defeat of his professional career. Some claimed Fury’s father had been a hindrance to him during the fight, rather than a help as he sought to overcome Usyk.

Fans suggested that his presence distracted from tactical advice being offered by his coach Andy Lee and trainer SugarHill Steward, costing his son the fight.

One fan wrote: ‘Fury’s corner consisted of 2 incredibly intelligent boxing people in Sugar Hill and Andy Lee trying to impart some astute tactical game plan, only to be repeatedly drowned out by John Fury shouting “Use the jab, we’re fighting men”…’

‘John Fury shouldn’t be anywhere near this, constantly over talking 2 guys who actually know what they are talking about,’ another added.

‘One thing is certain though, Tyson Fury needs to keep John Fury out of the training camp, the build up and especially out of his corner for the next fight! 

‘The man is a huge hindrance and distraction to the team as a whole,’ claimed a third.

A clip had showed Steward offering Fury advice ahead of the final two rounds of the fight, saying ‘Don’t cross your god damn legs, be ready to punch, before adding ‘Don’t be afraid to slide in, quit pulling back or you’ll get caught’.

John Fury could also be heard offering advice to his son, repeatedly saying ‘light punches, light punches.

He was also heard talking over Steward telling Fury to ‘box and move’, while Fury was told by his corner that he was winning the fight.

A fan claimed John Fury’s comments contradicted Steward’s tactical advice, potentially adding confusion for Tyson Fury ahead of the final rounds.

‘John Fury was basically contradicting what Sugar Hull was saying in the corner telling Fury to box and move and throw light punches after Hill told him to take the fight to Usyk and throw power shots,’ on fan wrote.

‘Embarrassing corner sideshow. That’s not how you win big fights.’

Another commented ‘Steward needed t kick John Fury out of the corner, too many cooks and all that… John Fury isn’t even a decent cook. Embarrassing.’

Despite being told he was winning the fight heading into the final two rounds, Fury ultimately ended up on the wrong side of the judges’ verdict.

Usyk was awarded the 11th round by the two judges who ultimately awarded him the contest, but Fury was awarded the final round on each of their scorecards. 

As well as being a vocal presence in Tyson’s corner during the fight, John Fury also caused controversy in the build-up to the undisputed world heavyweight title showdown.

The 59-year-old headbutted a young member of Usyk’s camp in the Riyadh Hilton Hotel lobby on Tuesday, coming away with a bloodied face. 

Tyson Fury's father comments on a scuffle with a member of Usyk's team, during which his forehead was smashed

Boxing fans had called for Fury Snr to be disciplined severely for the headbutt on a member of the Ukrainian’s entourage.

Some fans highlighted that while John Fury had been visible in the build-up, his presence appeared to have dimmed since Tyson was beaten by Usyk.

‘John Fury is very quiet this morning,’ one fan claimed.

‘Not seen a thing of big John fury since the verdict where is he,’ added another, while a third said ‘Usyk is a machine…. Fully deserved that win. John Fury no where to be seen… funny that.’

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