John McCarthy explains why he doesn't like Jake Paul's booking against Mike Tyson at all

John McCarthy is explaining why he absolutely hates the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson booking.

The boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson is scheduled for Saturday, July 20th, at the AT &T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and will stream live on Netflix.

There is a 30-year age gap between the ‘Problem Child’ and ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’.

While many have expressed their views concerning the announcement of said fight, former referee John McCarthy is now weighing in as well.

McCarthy, speaking on MMA Junkie‘s ‘Spinning Back Clique’ didn’t hold back when it comes to the boxing bout between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson saying:

“I hate it. I can’t stand it. It drives me crazy.”

Continuing, McCarthy spoke about Mike Tyson and his age, saying:

“I love Mike Tyson. And Mike Tyson was a great fighter, but what do you think is gonna happen if you put Joe Montana on a football field right now? How good do you think it’s gonna look? There is speed in sports that Mike Tyson has lost – a ton of his speed. …”

“I don’t care how good of condition you get in as a 57-year-old, almost 58 when that fight happens – you cannot maintain that conditioning. Anything happens, it goes right out the door, and it takes you forever to kind of get it back. When (he goes) into that ring, he’s gonna get tired. He will get tired much faster than he ever did before based upon his age. Yes, he will have some power, but he doesn’t have the speed to get that power to the target in the same way. I look at this and I go, man, shame on everyone for this whole thing.”

John McCarthy went on to recall Evander Holyfield’s 2021 boxing match with Vitor Belfort, which ended with the much younger Belfort winning via TKO:

“I love Vitor, but he’s not a better boxer than Evander Holyfield, but he could beat an old man that was 50-something years old. I really hope that (Paul vs. Tyson), in the end, doesn’t come about.”

Concluding, the 61-year-old shared his prediction:

“Everyone is seeing Mike as the Mike Tyson that we all fell in love with, the Mike Tyson that was just an animal, would go out there with huge power, and just annihilate people. That Mike Tyson is gone, that Mike Tyson doesn’t exist anymore, and that Mike Tyson is what’s needed to put Jake Paul on his ass. We’re not gonna see that Mike Tyson, so unfortunately you’re gonna see Jake Paul win this fight. And I just hope Mike doesn’t get hurt.”

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