Jon Jones explains what Gustafsson’s biggest mistake was when he moved up to heavyweight

Former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is currently actively training and preparing for his heavyweight debut, which is due in 2021.

In a recent interview with ESPN, a journalist brought up the issue of Alexander Gustafsson’s move to heavyweight, which ended with the Swedish fighter losing to Favbrisio Werdum at UFC on ESPN 14.

Jon Jones explains what Gustafsson's biggest mistake was when he moved up to heavyweight

Jones replied that Gustafsson’s mistake was that he simply put on a few pounds and tried to quickly debut at a new weight, without developing a new strategy for his fights.

“I don’t think Gustafsson made his heavyweight transition right. You see, gaining a few extra pounds does not mean that you can fight against guys who were naturally born so big. No need to hurry. YA person needs to find himself in a new body. He needs to find his legs, see his speed, his new rhythm, and only then go into the octagon and fight against the heavyweights. Right now I’m trying to completely change my style. There are guys there who are much bigger than me, so I have to find their weak points and learn to defeat larger opponents. I give myself to this business completely, ”said Jon Jones.

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