Jon Jones has announced when he will vacant the UFC heavyweight title

Jon Jones may vacate his UFC heavyweight title once he cashes in on a money fight with former two-time titleholder Stipe Miocic.

‘Bones’ indicated that much during an active Thursday afternoon on social media. Responding to fan comments, one user suggested Jones “vacate the belt.” Jones responded suggesting that he may do just that once his long-awaited fight with Miocic is in the books.

“Maybe after I win this next one. Can’t have anyone trying to catch up to my record now,” Jones replied on X.

It’s certainly not the first time Jones has indicated that he would walk away from the sport once he puts a stamp on his career by defeating the consensus heavyweight GOAT inside the Octagon.

That has many fight fans questioning 1) what’s the point of even booking Jones vs. Miocic if both fighters are going to fade into retirement right after and 2) if that means Tom Aspinall is going to be promoted from interim to undisputed heavyweight champion, why not just do it now and stop wasting everyone’s time.

Unfortunately, neither Jon Jones nor UFC CEO Dana White are interested in doing what’s right for the division.

UFC Fans Demand Jon Jones Unify His Title Against Tom Aspinall

Tom Aspinall is likely to defend the interim heavyweight title until Jon Jones returns, according Dana White

However, maybe not all hope is lost. Amid his many posts throughout the day, ‘Bones’ did ask fans who they would rather him fight after Miocic with the options being Tom Aspinall or current light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira.

“Who would you guys want to see me fight the most, Alex or Tom?” Jones questioned.

Fans were overwhelmingly on the side of Aspinall.

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