Jorge Masvidal begins preparations for the next fight

Jorge Masvidal begins preparations for the next fight

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The third UFC welterweight rating number and “BMF” title holder, Jorge Masvidal, began preparations for the next fight. What the manager of the former street fighter Abraham Kawa said in an interview with MMA Junkie.

“Jorge is at the training camp – he is training and ready for rock and roll, so we look forward to the fight,” Cawa said. “It will be July, or a little later – it completely suits us, because Jorge is ready to burn”



Earlier, the president of the UFC, Dana White, announced that they were preparing “something interesting” with the participation of Masvidal. The UFC president made it clear that this is not a fight with the current division champion, Kamaru Usman. The manager did not confirm, but did not refute this information, saying that at the moment his ward is the most influential fighter in the division. And Jorge Masvidal can choose his own battles.

“Jorge has a title that no one else has. I don’t care who you are – Conor McGregor, Henry Sehudo, or Kamaru Usman. This does not matter, because no one has a belt that Jorge owns. So if you want to fight him, you need to go to the table with something more substantial than just a desire. ”

Moreover, Kawa hinted that his ward could challenge the current UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“The truth is that if tomorrow Jorge decides to go down to lightweight and challenge the champion, he will get this fight. Because technically, he is a champion. Welterweight, he can also challenge the champion. Now everything is in his hands and the fate of the welterweight division depends on Jorge. I don’t think anyone is waiting for Usman’s fights. Everyone is waiting for the next match of Jorge »

Henry Cejudo officially released the UFC championship belt

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