Kamaru Usman knocks out Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261

In an interview before the UFC 261 tournament, Dana White said that Kamaru Usman is getting better with each fight, and the current UFC welterweight champion confirmed this thesis, becoming the first person who managed to knock out Jorge Masvidal under the banner of the largest MMA promotion.

Already in the first round, Kamaru Usman showed that he was ready to compete with his opponent not only in the stalls, but also in the rack, having made several successful combinations, but the real shock for everyone was a powerful forehand in the second round, with which the “Nigerian nightmare” sent Jorge Masvidal to a knockdown, after which he finished off the shocked opponent with hammerfists.

In a post-match interview, the current UFC champion thanked his opponent, saying that the two-match confrontation with Masvidal served as motivation for him and raised the level of his skills to a new height, and also made it clear that from that moment he considers himself the best fighter in the world, regardless of weight category.

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