Khamzat Chimaev warns Kevin Holland and Nate Diaz, and Darren Still explains the fight at UFC 279 that forced Dana White to apologize

Khamzat Chimaev warns Kevin Holland and Nate Diaz, and Darren Still explains the fight at UFC 279 that forced Dana White to apologize

UFC 279 press conference saw a massive altercation take place backstage between Khamzat Chimaev, Kevin Holland, and the entire team of Nate Diaz.

UFC president, Dana White, announced that the meeting has been called off after he learned about the backstage incident.

Dana White said:

“This ain’t gonna happen (press conference) I apologize everybody. I’m in very weird waters here. This has never happened in the history of this company, so trust me when I tell you this is the right decision, not to do this press conference right now.”

Boos roared from the crowd, and everybody who had shown up for the presser was in clear dissent. Dana appeared to agree with the people’s reaction and said:

“I hear ya, I’m with ya. But for everybody’s safety, this is the right decision. I apologize, thanks for coming.”

Darren Till shares his side of the story about the Khamzat Chimaev incident

The UFC middleweight, Darren Till, who also happens to be Chimaev’s training partner, shed some light on the entire situation between the Russian and Nate Diaz.

In an interview when he was asked, how everything played out, Darren Till replied:

“It was just normal. I don’t know if I’m saying that cause we’re fighters like it was normal cause we fight all the time.”

Till described the whole situation where his team was waiting while Borz was on his own backstage. When Dana canceled the meeting, Till, along with the entire crew, ran backstage to see what happened.

Darren Till added:

“Security was like Till don’t go. I was like one of you just told us Nate’s team is outside. Khamzat is staying in this hotel. They (team Diaz) are not staying, so if they’ve come here for one reason… it’s just team vs team… they’re gonna protect Nate and we’re gonna protect Khamzat.”

Darren Till believes a brawl could have broken out backstage

Till further said that it wasn’t an as big issue of an issue as people made out of it. He said:

“I think people on the outside build it up a little more than what it is. It’s like it is just what it is.”

Although Till said that a fight could have possibly broken out.

“Let me tell you one thing: most of them (Diaz’s team) are fighters. “Most of us are fighters. All this s**t like how I’m this, I’m that, most of us come from streets, most of them do. That’s what we’re used to doing (fighting). If we’re getting close, things are going to get said. Someone’s gonna look at someone… and then we’re going to roll in a fight, aren’t we?” he concluded.

Khamzat Chimaev also came out with a message after the whole altercation. He uploaded a video where he said:

“I told them already not to play jokes with us. Kevin deserved this, Diaz deserved this.”

The UFC still has the ceremonial weigh-ins to conduct; although, how things have transpired it’s dubious about whether it’ll take place or not.

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