Klopp on Firmino’s poor performance: He is a good example of how difficult this season has been

The Liverpool manager supported the striker of his team.

On the eve of a crucial home clash against Southampton in the 35th round of the English Premier League, the head coach of the “reds” Jurgen Klopp in an interview with the resource Goal.com he commented on the low performance of his team’s striker, Roberto Firmino, this season.

Recall that the 29-year-old forward in 43 matches managed to distinguish himself in the goal of opponents only six times.

Klopp on Firmino's poor performance: He is a good example of how difficult this season has been

“His current form is a prime example of how mixed a season we’ve had. We are not used to playing in conditions where our attacking players score so few goals. However, “Bobby” has not aged, and has not lost his skills at all. That’s out of the question! We all see how he works in training, but he can’t take it to the field.

From the very beginning of the season, we got into the wrong direction, after which the bad games began to accumulate one by one. We had to work really hard to somehow get out of the crisis.

I must say that after we lost the key players in defense, the whole team started playing a few meters away from the goal. Obviously, this distracts the players ‘ attention from the other goal, because they now have to think about how to return the ball if they lose it.

There are absolutely no excuses for our poor performance, but I hope that I somehow managed to convey to you the reasons for our poor results.

Our possible failure to qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season is not a serious problem. We’re not kids in a candy store to get candy just because we’re there.

We are directly responsible for the situation we are in, so we have no reason to watch the matches of this tournament next season with tears in our eyes because we can not take part in them. This is football, and it’s perfectly normal.

Everything we have achieved in the past seasons has been the result of our joint efforts. This year we did not manage to please the fans — this is also the result of the team’s work in a certain sense, ” the German specialist summed up.

Recall that the Liverpool — Southampton match will take place on May 8


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