Manchester United fans troll Wout Weghorst for defending his actions at Anfield

Manchester United fans are trolling Wout Weghorst after the Dutch striker issued a statement on social media defending his actions at Anfield. United received a 7-0 thumping at the hands of Liverpool during the match.

Weghorst was spotted touching the ‘This is Anfield’ badge before the start of the game. Fans slammed the attacker for his actions. He later released a statement, justifying his act.

Even though Weghorst deleted it, the statement percolated online. It read:

“Normally I never react on media topics, but for this one, it’s worth it because you amazing United fans are important to me. So, I just want to clarify the video that is doing the rounds. From the national team I know that Virgil always touches that sign and I went to stop him touching it to try and wind him up before the game.”

The striker further added:

“As a child I always supported FC Twente, and as a proud player now for Manchester United, my dedication to this incredible club can never be questioned. Sunday was a terrible day for all of us. We are putting everything into making it right in the next weeks. We will bounce back and achieve our aims this season.”

Fans, however, were not too impressed with his justification. One fan asked for Weghorst to be sent back to his original club – Burnley.

“send him back to prison (burnley)!”

Another fan recalled Lionel Messi’s 2022 FIFA World Cup altercation with the Dutchman. The Argentine striker was involved in a backstage altercation after the quarter-final showdown against the Netherlands.

“Messi was right.”

Here are some of the best reactions from Manchester United fans on Twitter after Wout Weghorst issued an apology:

When Manchester United’s Wout Weghorst expressed his admiration for Liverpool

Wout Weghorst currently plays for Manchester United, on loan from Championship side Burnley. Back in 2020, the striker spoke about his admiration for Liverpool.

Speaking to GOAL and DAZN, Weghorst said in 2020 (via Mirror):

“I always found Liverpool very special. I still get goosebumps from ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. There are other great English clubs too, and I always liked Milan because so many Dutch played there.”

Wout Weghorst has so far made 14 appearances for United, scoring one goal and providing three assists.

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