Mark Coleman back in gym hitting pads less than a month after horror fire accident, gives update on health

Mark Coleman recently provided an update on his condition following his terrifying fire accident.

The UFC legend was hospitalized after battling a big house fire to save his parents. The event occurred last month at their family home in Fremont, Ohio.

According to reports, a fire erupted in the kitchen at 4 a.m. and spread throughout the house, engulfing the residents. Coleman seemingly woke up and dashed into the burning house to save his elderly parents.

After rescuing them from the fire, Mark Coleman returned to look for their dog. Unfortunately, the dog was unable to escape the house fire. Coleman passed out due to smoke inhalation, requiring hospitalization and intubation.

Mark Coleman was declared safe and found to be breathing on his own the day following the gruesome event. Matt Brown, a fellow UFC veteran, broke the original word, saying that Coleman was doing much better. Coleman’s daughter later verified the information by sharing a video of him talking to his family on Instagram.

Coleman recently provided an update on his health on social media, posting a video of himself working out on pads in a gym. He captioned the post:

”I’m feeling pretty good today. My lungs still have a way to go but I’ll get there. The grind never stops. Just keep moving forward. Have a great day everyone and choose to better yourself no matter what. Sober is cool, carnivore diet, 9 ancestral tenets. Hammer house is 4 life.”

Notably, ‘The Hammer’ competed in the UFC for over ten years, winning the organization’s first-ever heavyweight title in February 1997 when he submitted Dan Severn in the first round.

Even though Mark Coleman’s career began in 1996, he persisted in competing until 2010, at which point he was eventually forced to retire due to old age

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