Mark Coleman was forced to return to the hospital shortly after leaving due to the development of pneumonia

Mark Coleman recently returned to the hospital shortly after being discharged due to the development of pneumonia.

The UFC Hall of Famer’s daughter, Kenzie Coleman, updated in an Instagram post that her father had been readmitted to a Toledo, Ohio, hospital on Friday after experiencing numbness in his arms and chest pain.

Mark Coleman was diagnosed with pneumonia and continues to be hospitalized three days after heroically rescuing his parents from a house fire. She posted a video of ‘The Hammer’ on a hospital bed accompanied by a caption that read:

“It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Yesterday, my dad was released from St. Vincents in Toledo, where they thought he was stable enough to go home. We were only home for about an hour in Columbus when he started to have numbness in his arms and chest pain. Of course, my sister and I rushed him back to the hospital, where we found out he had now developed pneumonia.”

The former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman suffered severe breathing problems and required airlifting to the hospital after a fire erupted at his parent’s residence. Despite managing to rescue his parents from the blaze, the 59-year-old Ohio native tragically fell victim to smoke inhalation while attempting to save his dog, who ultimately did not survive.

Concerns arose among those close to ‘The Hammer’, but just one day after hospitalization, he exhibited signs of improvement, including unassisted breathing.

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