Max Holloway watching back his UFC 300 knockout for first time, to which he could react for the first time

Max Holloway was stopped backstage and shown his brutal knockout of Justin Gaethje at UFC 300. Safe to say he loved it!

Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway stole the show at UFC 300 with his BMF title-winning performance against Justin Gaethje. The lightweight fighter knocked out his opponent in a last-second frenzy to win both the fight and performance of the night accolades.

There were just 10 seconds left in the bout when Blessed pointed to the ground, wanting to trade blows with Gaethje. “I just wanted to throw … we were swinging,” Holloway commented while watching the KO after the fight.

Video: Max Holloway Watches Back His UFC 300 Knockout

Max Holloway was already on his way to a clear points victory when he pointed to the ground, making his decision to turn the bout into a slugging match an even more gutsy one. Nevertheless, it is showmanship like that that boosts his profile even more as a fighter.

Max watches the knockout for the first time.
byu/ToronoRapture inufc

What Next For Max Holloway

Ilia Topuria is being eyed up by Blessed for a future fight

Being a crowd favourite means that there is inherent speculation about who his next opponent will be. Blessed believes there are “a number of options on the table” after this explosive victory, but his choice would be to square off with featherweight champion Ilia Topuria.

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