Mike Tyson: “Floyd Mayweather is broken”

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was skeptical about the return to the ring of 44-year-old Floyd Mayweather. On the eve of the Money fight with the popular video blogger Logan Paul, “Iron Mike” predicted a convincing victory for him, but in June, Mayweather could not strangle an opponent who had never been engaged in boxing at a professional level.

Mike Tyson: "Floyd Mayweather is broken"

According to Tyson, Mayweather is not all right now.

“Floyd Mayweather is broken. He wants to come back and fight. See how it happens.

Mike Tyson: "Floyd Mayweather is broken"

I came back and it was wrong. It makes you screw up. It’s hurting you. Look, I felt wrong. I never wanted to do this shit again, and I don’t know what it is. I would like to understand this, but I’m just taking advantage of this game,said Mike Tyson.

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