Michael Chandler believes he is going to beat Conor Mcgregor in a dominant fashion and is already lining up fights against 2 top fighters

Michael Chandler believes he is going to beat Conor Mcgregor in a dominant fashion and is already lining up fights against Colby Covington and Nate Diaz.

Conor McGregor and Chandler have finished filming for season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter, and are set to fight each other this year. In an interview with Brendan Schaub, he spoke about how he is going to win the fight and dominate McGregor, predicting a second-round KO. Schaub then asked him if he would stay at 170lbs, to which he replied:

“I wouldn’t be opposed to it….If it’s a title shot, obviously, but it’d have to be the right match-up at 170. Colby would be a good fight, you know I would love that Colby fight. I loved the idea of the Masvidal fight, I wish him well in retirement, I loved that fight. (Nate) Diaz, I’m sure Diaz will end up coming back and he’ll fight at 170. There’s some cool, big, fun fights out there.”

Michael Chandler’s main aim is to get a title shot next if he beats Conor McGregor, whether that comes at lightweight or at 170lbs. Chandler is willing to fight whoever has the belt since he believes he deserves a title fight.

Take a look at the interview (Quotes from 33:16 onwards):

Nate Diaz gives his prediction for Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler

Nate Diaz is no longer in the UFC, however, he still is one of the biggest names in the sport and he believes he will fight Conor McGregor again to complete their trilogy. In an interview with Mike Bohn, he spoke about how a McGregor rematch is inevitable then went on to give his predictions for the fight between Chandler and ‘The Notorious’:

“Chandler is real tough, and explosive and crazy young guy but, I don’t know how old he is. But, I think Conor is better than Chandler, but Chandler you’re great too.”

Take a look at a clip from the interview:

Nate Diaz himself is currently preparing for his boxing fight against Jake Paul. However, it seems he still has his eyes set on an octagon return after fighting the YouTuber-turned-boxer. The Stockton native believes Conor McGregor will best Michael Chandler in their fight. In the interview, he also spoke about how they had approached him to coach against McGregor for TUF.

He revealed that he turned down the offer because he was never interested in doing TUF and hence they chose Chandler as a replacement.

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