Mike Tyson had a fight with a passenger on an airplane

Mike Tyson had a fight with a passenger on an airplane

Mike Tyson draws blood from passenger after continuously punching him in the face following altercation

Mike Tyson found himself in the headlines after the Hall-of-Fame boxer was caught continuously punching a passenger on a plane and busting up the man’s face in the process.

The 55-year-old is often referred to as the greatest heavyweight athlete in the history of boxing. Despite being one of the most decorated titleholders and most feared men on the planet, the American’s disturbing ear bite against Evander Holyfield arguably tainted a lot of what he did for the sport.

During an altercation on a flight, Mike Tyson lost control and put a beating on a passenger who had seemingly been harassing him. The man appeared to have been invading the boxing legend’s space before the confrontation occurred.

Although it is unclear what pushed Tyson to attack the man so viciously, a spectator filmed the event and claimed the victim was just trying to ask for an autograph.

The aftermath of the punches can be seen towards the end of the clip as the victim sits battered and bloodied, visibly upset at what just occurred. The man who recorded the footage can be heard saying, “My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson.”

Check out the video, acquired by TMZ Sports, below:

Mike Tyson’s influence on mixed martial arts

During his prime years, ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson was widely regarded as the baddest man on the planet, and that title still holds up 17 years after his retirement from the sport of boxing.

Mike Tyson had a fight with a passenger on an airplane

A proud advocate of mixed martial arts, the 58-fight boxing veteran has left his influence on countless competitors inside the UFC and beyond. Fighters such as Francis Ngannou, Conor McGregor, and Henry Cejudo are all strong admirers of the heavy hitter and, like many, are honored to meet the legend.

Others hold the boxer in high regard and either base their game on his style, or simply idolize their childhood hero. UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira is a long-time fan of the brawler, and former bantamweight titleholder Cody Garbrandt is said to have adored the boxer since young.

Tyson’s legacy in the ring continues to leave a mark on mixed martial artists across the world, with most still in admiration of the face of violence. The knockout artist managed to become the first heavyweight to hold the WBC, WBA, and IBF belts simultaneously.

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