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MMA Fans impressed by Alex Pereira’s lightning fast left hook in new training clip

MMA Fans impressed by Alex Pereira's lightning fast left hook in new training clip

Alex Pereira‘s signature left hook was on display in his latest training clip. The lightning-fast shot, which appears akin to a check hook, has put many of ‘Poatan’s opponents to sleep throughout his kickboxing and MMA career.

Pereira hinted that his left hook can’t be dealt with despite its predictibility. The former Glory Kickboxing champion wrote on Twitter:

“Knowing what I’m going to do everyone knows! I want to see it stop.”

Fans were left impressed by the speed and accuracy of Pereira’s left hook, which had most recently knocked the lights out of Sean Strickland. While the hook doesn’t appear to be a power shot, fans are seemingly aware of its viciousness. @Iambadb71788233 wrote:

“It doesn’t look like power punch but it can knock most of middle weight. Dude is a scary.”

Alex Pereira set up the hook with a jab to the body which forced his sparring partner to take the bait into lowering his guard. Some fans believe ‘Poatan’ will use a much more complex setup inside the octagon. @HasbullasCoachx wrote:

“Poatan keeps showing his usual hook set up but he’s gonna come with something crazy on fight day”

Israel Adesanya acknowledges the danger posed by Alex Pereira’s left hook

Israel Adesanya will put his middleweight title on the line against Alex Pereira at UFC 281 on November 12. ‘Poatan’ holds two victories over Adesanya from their kickboxing days, including a 2016 knockout.

Adesanya was essentially outclassing Pereira in the rematch before the Brazilian’s left hook handed him the only knockout loss of his career. Going into his UFC title fight against Pereira, ‘The Last Stylebender’ rates his opponent 6/10 on the threat meter.

According to the UFC middleweight champion, ‘Poatan’ has only one weapon that he needs to look out for – the left hook. Adesanya said in an interview with Combat TV:

“Threat meter? To be honest, as an MMA fighter, I’ll give him like a six, if I’m being honest. There’s one thing he’s really good at, it’s that left hook. That’s what he catches a lot of people with. He’s not gonna catch me with a flying knee. I don’t think he’s tried in the past. I probably done it to him in the past, yeah, I’ve caught him with a flying knee before. But left hook, that’s the main thing to look out for. You gotta take care of that, and I can take care of everything else.”

Watch Adesanya’s interview with Combat TV below:

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