MMA Fans react to Conor McGregor dropping his TUF team member accused of aggressive sparring

Conor McGregor is reprising his role as a coach on the latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) opposite Michael Chandler.

In a video clip posted by @BenTheBaneDavis on Twitter, Conor McGregor can be seen sparring with one of his team members, Landon Quinones, and landing a powerful body kick that drops the young fighter down to the mat. The tweet was jokingly captioned:

“How was being on Conor’s team?”

While many fans and users found the clip hilarious and reflective of McGregor’s aggressive fighting style, one user re-posted a comment by another TUF contestant, Aaron McKenzie, explaining how Quinones deserved what he got.

The fan explained in the comments section how the fighter was a ‘gym bully’ and deserved what he got for being overly aggressive in sparring. He wrote:

“Conor just a hero who punishes gym bullies (per Aaron McKenzie one of the TUF contestants)”

One fan joked about McGregor’s former training partner and friend Artem Lobov, writing:

“This is how he was doing Artem all them years.”

Another fan wrote:

“Conor throwing heat @ sparring w his own team. I’m here for it.”

One user wrote:

“No USADA lol. Cokes to the gills.”

One fan pointed out:

“First look at the titanium shin bone in action.”

Another fan sarcastically quoted McGregor, stating:

“We’re rich baby.”

One user asked:

“Was his team terrible or am I tripping?”

Conor McGregor TUF: ‘The Notorious’ recaps Nate Jennerman’s lightning-fast knockout loss at TUF 31

For this season, Conor McGregor coached promising prospects and compete against Michael Chandler’s team of UFC veterans. The two teams consist of lightweights and bantamweights, with a UFC contract for the winning bantamweight and lightweight fighter on the line.

The first episode of TUF 31 aired on Tuesday and fans were treated to an insane first-round knockout as UFC veteran Roosevelt Roberts finished prospect Nate Jennerman inside 10 seconds of the first fight of the show.

Roberts began the opening round with a one-two combo and pursued Jennerman to shoot a straight right hand, which sent the prospect to the canvas. Roberts then landed two hard shots before the referee stopped the contest.

In a post-fight interview, Conor McGregor broke down Jennerman’s mistakes and outlined the adjustments he should have made. He stated:

“I wanted Nate to come out like a greyhound out of the trap. We placed the back hook over the jab and that was the drill… It’s like Nate wanted to parry one… I’m telling you, if Nate would have went when it was go time and let that shot go, this whole conversation would be way different… It’s a cruel game at times.”

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