MMA Fans react to Viral Underwater Aqua Jiu Jitsu Video

MMA Fans react to Viral Underwater “Aqua Jiu Jitsu” VideoMMA fans are always greeted with bizarre moments inside and outside the octagon. The various events that occur in the sport have always surprised them.

Moreover, such moments happen all around the world and one is always amazed at what the human mind can come up with. For example, one video went viral as 600 people took on 600 people in a crazy fight in Russia. The fans reacted to the video then too, with some amazement.

This time, a new sport might be in its nascent stage. The fans have seen a viral video involving a former UFC fighter. MMA and UFC fans have given their opinion on the viral video, which has left them wondering.

MMA fans react to viral Aqua Jiu-Jitsu video

Combat sports fans all over the world had their say on the newfound ‘sport’ that has been going viral on the internet. Former UFC fighter Cat Zingano uploaded the video on her Instagram account. She is currently signed with Bellator MMA and posts videos of her practicing jiu-jitsu on the internet.

This time, the fans were amazed at the new sport that emerged out of her account. The former UFC fighter was seen swimming in the video along with a man. Both of them were practicing jiu-jitsu moves on in each other underwater. Moreover, ‘Alpha’ tried to grapple the man and submit him underwater! She also captioned the post, “Água jiu jitsu”.

The fans gave their opinion on ‘aqua’ jiu-jitsu and some of them are hilarious.

One fan said, “I drowned just watching”.

Another one added, “Surely choking someone out under water is just silly right??”

Furthermore, there were comments raining down that said, “Proof that jiu jitsu works everywhere”. 

Another social media user added, “How to kill mermaid”.

A fan commented, “This gave me anxiety, go breathe damn it”.

While a fan added, “Do choke holds count 6 ft under water? God damn double nightmare situation for me!”

An Instagram user commented, “How the hell you hold your breath that long lol I can barely do 5 seconds”.

Hilariously, one fan added, “Yea i saw that in a nightmare before”.

An MMA fan also said, “Please make this a sport”.

Lastly, a fan gave his opinion on the sport, “I would have drowned by the first arm bar”.

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