MMA news: Georges St-Pierre told how MMA training changed his life

MMA news Georges St-Pierre told how MMA training changed his life

The former UFC champion in two weight categories, George St. Pierre, explained how training in mixed martial arts affected his life.

MMA news: Georges St-Pierre  told how MMA training changed his life

Georges Saint-Pierre, of course, is considered one of the greatest masters of mixed martial arts of all time. But for GSP, this is not what he was born with, but rather what he learned. Speaking to Burt Watson on the latest podcast “Legend 2 Legend“, St. Pierre explained how the search for martial arts changed his life. According to GSP, he was a very shy and insecure child, but after he found karate, he says that he saw that he was becoming more confident in himself.

“Growing up, I was a kid that lacked a lot of confidence. I believe that’s why I was picked on. Like in nature, predatory animals always hunt the weakest in the group. I was one of those (kids). I didn’t have good self-confidence, and the way I used to carry myself is much different than the way it is now. I used to walk, look down, shrug my shoulders. It showed in my demeanor, and I think that’s the main reason I was getting picked on,” Georges St-Pierre said

“Martial arts, of course, taught me self-defense, but it also taught me confidence, that confidence is a choice. I changed the way I was carrying myself. When I shook someone’s hand, I was looking at him in the eyes. When I talked to someone, I looked at him in the eyes. I didn’t shrug my shoulders and look down anymore. I was walking straight with some kind of confidence.”

Earlier, St. Pierre admitted that he would like to hold a duel with Adolf Hitler.

“I think that I would have fought with someone like Adolf Hitler, with someone from whom I would have beaten all the nonsense. He has done a lot of evil. I could take revenge for what he did to many people, ” said Georges St-Pierre.

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