MMA News: Jake Paul trolls Conor McGregor using Google

Jake Paul doesn’t seem to be done taking shots at UFC star Conor McGregor, as he recently compared his stardom with the Irishman. While ‘The Problem Child’ is on the brink of meeting Tyron Woodley inside the boxing ring, he has clearly grabbed attention from the combat world and the Internet community.

MMA News: Jake Paul trolls Conor McGregor using Google

That said, he has claimed himself to have exceed Conor McGregor in google searches. The 24-year-old took to social media and posted a clip, where he searched himself and Conor McGregor on google. Interestingly, the search engine showed 187 million results for ‘The Problem Child’, whereas only 63.4 million searches for McGregor.

However, Google trends could have brought a more static result to the comparison. Although McGregor has mostly ignored Jake Paul’s call-outs, the social media celebrity doesn’t appear to have moved on. Jake Paul has been calling out Conor McGregor for a boxing scrap since his second boxing win.

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