Paulo Costa has hilariously jibed at Khamzat Chimaev, labeling himself as a 'Chad' and referring to Chimaev as a 'virgin'

Paulo Costa has hilariously jibed at Khamzat Chimaev, labeling himself as a ‘Chad’ and referring to Chimaev as a ‘virgin’ in a meme post. The slang term ‘Chad’ is generally used to describe an attractive and successful man, whereas ‘virgin’ in this context is used to refer to an insecure and unsuccessful man.

Brazil’s Paulo Costa and Russian-born Swedish MMA stalwart Khamzat Chimaev often take jibes at each other on social media. On that note, ‘The Eraser’ has now tweeted a meme image to jibe at Chimaev. Costa highlighted that he has a better physique than ‘Borz’ and criticized him for abandoning his native Russia (which is currently at war) and staying in Sweden.

Furthermore, Costa lambasted Chimaev for making excuses after missing weight. He also called Chimaev’s friend, former UFC fighter Darren Till, a journeyman. In his description in the meme image, Chimaev was labeled as “Virgin Chimaev.” The description reads as follows:

“Not jacked at all; has Michael Phelps body type. Slap head. Abandoned his country instead of defending it. Missed weight and came out with dozens of excuses. Hangs out with Journeymen [sic] Darren Till in his free time.”

Elsewhere in the meme image, Paulo Costa indicated that he has better hair and physique than Khamzat Chimaev, adding that he’s been loyal to his native Brazil. Costa also highlighted that he was unapologetic about missing weight and entertains fans with funny memes. Costa’s description in the meme image referred to him as “Chad Costa” and read as follows:

“Full head of hair. Absolutely jacked; built like NFL linebacker. Lives and breathes Brazil and has said he would sacrifice his life if needed. Missed weight and told his opponent that sounds like his problem. Makes funny memes on Twitter for fans.”

Additionally, Costa alluded to Chimaev’s Muslim heritage in a statement attached to his tweet. In Islam, forbidden/unlawful things are categorized as ‘haram.’ Addressing Chimaev, who’s a devout Muslim, Costa wrote:

“Facts IS noT HARAM”

UFC veteran leans towards Paulo Costa in potential fight against Khamzat Chimaev

In the aftermath of Khamzat Chimaev failing to make the welterweight limit in September 2022, UFC president Dana White emphasized that ‘Borz’s’ next fight would see him return to middleweight.

Meanwhile, Paulo Costa, who’s a UFC middleweight mainstay, recently signed a new deal with the UFC. While nothing’s been officially confirmed yet, many foresee a possible Costa-Chimaev grudge match materializing soon.

In an edition of the Weighing In podcast last month, former UFC lightweight Josh Thomson opined that Paulo Costa will likely defeat Khamzat Chimaev if they clash inside the octagon. He insinuated that Costa is the better striker and can defend wrestling savant Chimaev’s takedowns. Thomson stated:

“[Paulo Costa vs. Khamzat Chimaev?] I think that’s a great fight for him. Because he’s not easy to take down and he’s got power in his hands. He’s just got to come in shape. I think that’s a great fight for him and he’ll push Chimaev.”

Watch Thomson’s assessment below:

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