Piers Morgan takes another brutal dig at Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi emulated the late great Diego Maradona when he won the 2022 FIFA World Cup with Argentina on Sunday, 18 December. Messi and Co. are now back in Buenos Aires and have started a victory parade.

Four million people have gathered in the streets to watch the victorious La Albiceleste side. Piers Morgan, however, is not impressed. He noted that Buenos Aires has a total population of 15 million.

Morgan added that the remaining 11 million people decided to stay home because, like him, they also believe Maradona is the greatest Argentine player ever, not Lionel Messi.

Here’s what Morgan wrote on Twitter:

“So? The city’s population is 15m – have the other 11m stayed inside because like me, they think Maradona is still the Argentinian🐐?”

Considering Morgan’s fandom of Cristiano Ronaldo, it isn’t surprising that he takes a jibe at Messi here and there. However, it won’t be of harm if he spares the Argentine legend for a while as he celebrates the FIFA World Cup triumph.

Lionel Messi paid a heartfelt Diego Maradona tribute after Argentina’s 2022 FIFA World Cup win

Lionel Messi paid a touchy tribute to Diego Maradona after Argentina’s 2022 FIFA FIFA World Cup triumph. Messi penned a lengthy message on his Instagram. He wrote that Maradona inspired the La Albiceleste team during their World Cup campaign.

Messi wrote:

“And we deserved it even in that damn ending. It’s also from Diego who encouraged us from heaven. And of all those who spent the time always benching the National Team without looking so much at the result but the desire we always put into it, also when things didn’t go as we wanted.”

Diego’s son also shared a touchy message for Messi. He wrote on Instagram:

“Argentina are World Cup champions, happy for you, Leo Messi, because nobody deserved this cup more than you. Happy for all my people and my country. I’ve always felt Argentinean in your soul. My father is celebrating up there, you don’t know how much I want to hug you.”

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