Pittsburgh Penguins vs New Jersey Devils Mar 10, 2020 HIGHLIGHTS


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The regular championship of NHL continues. On March 10, 2020, 13 473 fans gathered at the Prudential Center in Newark. Today, the local hockey team “New Jersey Devils” played a match against “Pittsburgh Penguins”.

Last two games “New Jersey” beat “St. Louis Blues” and “New York Rangers”. “Pittsburgh Penguins” last 2 games have not had luck. They were defeated first by the “Washington Capitals”, then by “Carolina Hurricanes”.

Below you can find a text overview of the most important moments of the match. As well as a video review of the game. Enjoy your viewing.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”blue” border_width=”5″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Pittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)1st period

  • 08:29 ForwardPittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)Evan Rodriguez from Canada scores the first goal in the match.  Score is”Pittsburgh Penguins” 1 – 0 “New Jersey Devils”. 
  • 11:04 exclamation_mark_PNG35.png (2000×1737)DefenderPittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850) Jack Johnson receives 2 minutes of removal for delaying the game.
  • 12:46 ForwardNikita Gusev from Russia compares the score, taking advantage of the numerical advantage. Score is”Pittsburgh Penguins” 1 – 1 “New Jersey Devils”. 
  • 15:11 exclamation_mark_PNG35.png (2000×1737) Forward John Hayden removed 2 minutes behind the bandwagon.

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Pittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)2nd period

  • 04:15DefenderPittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)Justin Schulz from Canada takes his team forward. Score is”Pittsburgh Penguins” 2 – 1 “New Jersey Devils”. 
  • 07:17exclamation_mark_PNG35.png (2000×1737)ForwardJack Hughes goes to the penalty box for the bandwagon for 2 minutes.
  • 12:42exclamation_mark_PNG35.png (2000×1737)“Devils” team receives a small fine for violation of the strength

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Pittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)3rd period

  • 03:36exclamation_mark_PNG35.png (2000×1737)ForwardPittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)Sidney Crosby 2 minutes of removal for the game with a high-raised hockey stick
  • 03:54exclamation_mark_PNG35.png (2000×1737)Defender Pittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)Chris Letang hit an opponent with a hockey stick and got 2 minutes of removal.
  • 07:11 Forward Pittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)Evgeni Malkin from Russia scores a goal. Score is”Pittsburgh Penguins” 3 – 1 “New Jersey Devils”. 
  • 10:24 StrikerMiles Wood reduces the gap in the score on the scoreboard. Score is”Pittsburgh Penguins” 3 – 2 “New Jersey Devils”. 
  • 13:18Forward Pittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)Evgeni Malkin makes a double! Score is”Pittsburgh Penguins” 4 – 2 “New Jersey Devils”. 
  • 13:29exclamation_mark_PNG35.png (2000×1737)Defender Damon Severson gets 2 minutes of removal for pushing an opponent with a hockey stick.
  • 18:45Defender Pittsburgh_penguins_logo.png (905×850)Chris Letang scores a goal into an empty net at the end of the match. Score is”Pittsburgh Penguins” 5 – 2 “New Jersey Devils”. 

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Match result:

“Pittsburgh Penguins” 5 – 2 “New Jersey Devils”

“Pittsburgh Penguins” win on the ice away from home. And breaks a series of losses. “The Penguins” are ranked 5th in the Eastern Conference table. From 69 matches, the guys earn 86 points. “New Jersey Devils” remain on the 14th line of the same table. The team has 68 points from 69 games behind.

Below you can watch a video review of the match. Thank you all for watching. Have a good day and mood.

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