Reports - Richard Keys take brutal Erik ten Hag swipe and says Manchester United attacker is the worst player in the club's history

BeIN Sports presenter Richard Keys has taken a brutal dig at Manchester United’s manager, calling him Erik ‘Seven’ Hag following the Red Devils’ thrashing at Liverpool on Sunday (5 March).

Manchester United’s last two Sundays have ended in contrasting styles. They celebrated their Carabao Cup win last weekend after defeating Newcastle United. However, they were thrashed 7-0 by Liverpool at Anfield in the last game week.

In his weekly blog, Keys gave the Manchester United manager a new nickname while referring to the game at Anfield. He wrote:

“Now comes the real test though. How do United react? Can Seven Hag get them ‘playing’ rather than sitting and waiting to mug the opposition with Rashford’s pace? A quick word on the manager. He strikes me as very keen to take credit when things go well, but it’s always somebody else’s fault when they don’t. This time his players were ‘unprofessional’ and ‘didn’t stick to the plan’. In other words – don’t blame me guv’.”

Keys added:

“I’d have rather heard him say, ‘It’s a one-off. It won’t happen again and it certainly won’t spoil the work that we’ve all been doing.’ That would’ve been enough. Take it on the chin as a collective. He’s the one complaining that United ‘didn’t stick together’ but he’s distancing himself from it.”

Manchester United star blasted and labeled the worst signing ever

Keys went on to take digs at attacker Wou Weghorst, calling him the worst player ever in a Manchester United jersey. He claimed that the decision to bring in the Burnley striker to Old Trafford was a poor one and wrote:

“After all, it’s his [Ten Hag] decision to keep playing Wout Weghorst. It’s not Weghorst’s fault but he has to be the worst player I’ve ever seen in a United jersey. He’s a bang ordinary No 9, who couldn’t get in a struggling Burnley team, but what on earth possesses Seven Hag to think he’s a sumptuous 10?”

“One who can ‘wear the tuxedo’ as the Americans say. Come on. It’s a joke and the manager has got to give up pretending that Weghorst has got something to offer.”

Weghorst has already expressed a desire to stay at the club beyond the summer when his loan deal expires.

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