Robert Whittaker doesn't appear to be a fan of Israel Adesanya's celebration at UFC 287, which was aimed at Alex Pereira's son

Robert Whittaker mocks Israel Adesanya for taking revenge on Alex Pereira’s kid after UFC 287 victory.

Adesanya exacted revenge on the adolescent seven years after he mocked ‘The Last Stylebender’ for getting knocked out by ‘Poatan’ in their second kickboxing bout.

The two-time middleweight champion’s self-described ‘petty’ celebration was condemned by some, while others found it almost comical. Robert Whittaker appeared to mock Israel Adesanya when he was asked to share his thoughts on the celebration during a recent Submission Radio interview.

Whittaker said:

“Mate you don’t get revenge on a five-year-old. Any kid that has slighted me in the world, what am I doing? Writing [their names] in my book and then getting them back in 10 years’ time. Dude, Israel has a little black book of anybody that crosses him, he puts their name down.”

Robert Whittaker’s comment about Israel Adesanya having a “little black book” does carry with it a certain level of irony.

When the pair faced off for the first time at UFC 243, Adesanya was captured writing Whittaker’s name in the ‘Death Note’, a tribute to the popular anime show. ‘The Last Stylebender’ went on to defeat Whittaker via KO.

Watch the video below:

Watch the video below from 13:15:

Robert Whittaker shares surprising revelation that was inspired by Israel Adesanya’s win at UFC 287

After watching Israel Adesanya reclaim the middleweight title from Alex Pereira at UFC 287, Robert Whittaker had a realization that was inspired by his rival.

‘The Reaper’ stated that seeing Adesanya win instilled a hunger in him to fight ‘The Last Stylebender’ and defeat the two-time champion. Whittaker said that there is no one else that he wants to face for the title.

Having lost to Israel Adesanya on two occasions, Robert Whittaker will no doubt have a burning desire to prove doubters wrong and defeat his greatest adversary.

Whittaker reacted to Adesanya’s victory at UFC 287 during a recent episode of the MMArcade Podcast and said:

“My key feeling for the fight when Izzy won was happy. I was happy man. Because, I didn’t realize it until it almost didn’t happen, that I want to fight Israel. I want to take that belt back from Israel, not Pereira. Everyone was saying, ‘Pereira is a better fight for Rob. Can’t wait to see Rob fight Pereira. Pereira beats Izzy [then] Rob beats Pereira.’ Fresh blood is fresh blood… but now after seeing that it was almost a thing, I could’ve been fighting Pereira next, I realized that I want to fight Adesanya. I want to get the belt back from Adesanya.”

Watch the video below from 8:30:

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