Roy Keane doubles down on criticism of 'disrespectful' Brazil manager Tite

Former Manchester United midfielder turned television pundit Roy Keane has doubled down on criticism of Brazil manager Tite.

The former Manchester United skipper and Tite have been in a war of words of late regarding the manager dancing on the sidelines.

Roy Keane criticized the Brazil manager for dancing after Richarlison’s goal in the 4-1 win against South Korea on Monday night.

Tite responded to Keane’s criticism for being ‘disrespectful’ by stating that the Irishman does not understand the ‘history and culture of Brazil’.

Roy Keane has now responded to Tite’s remarks, claiming that he is a fan of Brazilian football.

However, he has insisted that a manager dancing on the sidelines is not respectful toward the opponents. He told Sky Bet:

“I love watching Brazil and what they stand for. When you think of the World Cup you think of Brazil, I love watching them because they are brilliant at football, but not when they are dancing, or the manager starts dancing, it’s not okay.”

“It’s not respectful. Respect your teammates and your opposition. A manager doing a dance on the sideline, you think that’s okay?”

Roy Keane has told Tite to dance after the game in the dressing room or in a nightclub. He added:

“I don’t get how a manager can dance when the game is still going ahead, he’s got an opposition manager ten yards away from him, you’ve got to watch that. The game is about respect. Dance afterwards in the dressing room or the nightclub, that’s not a problem.”

He continued:

“But why is it okay for Brazil to do it during the game? If everyone has a dance after a goal, the games will be going on for three days. Do you know what they should start doing, when coaches do their pro licence, show the managers how to do a little dance on the sideline, forget tactics.”

Brazil teammate has been hailed by veteran defender

Iconic Brazilian full-back Dani Alves recently took to Instagram to laud his Brazil teammate Raphinha’s performance during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He wrote:

“Do you know what fascinates me most about football? The game that no one sees, the details that go unnoticed in the eyes of emotion. The work that seems to be dirty, but is essential for a great team.”

“A team is always made up of diverse talents and capabilities… but a great team, a team is one whose components spare no efforts or sacrifices to make great things happen along the way. The price to pay is high, if you have the conditions and capacity, do not hesitate to pay. CAPACITY EXAMPLE.”

Raphinha has been criticized by many for his lack of attacking output. The Barcelona winger has played all four games for Brazil in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, starting three of them. However, he is yet to score or assist a single goal so far.

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