Sean O'Malley has gave his Official prediction for the Aljamain Sterling vs. Henry Cejudo bantamweight title bout at UFC 288

MMA fans are looking forward to the return of Henry Cejudo as he challenges Aljamain Sterling for the UFC Bantamweight Championship at UFC 288 on May 6. The Olympic Gold Medalist returns to MMA after stepping away from the sport for almost three years. Both fighters believe they will win the bantamweight title by finishing their opponent this weekend. 

As the fight gets closer, fighters and critics have given their predictions of who they think will win. The betting odds fight very close, with Sterling at -105 and Cejudo at -115, according to DraftKings. Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Petr Yan shared that Sterling will win and questioned if Cejudo will be in shape.

UFC bantamweight superstar Sean O’Malley has also weighed in on his podcast, the BroMalley Show, his official prediction for the UFC 288 main event. 

Sean O'Malley, Henry Cejudo, Aljamain Sterling

Sean O’Malley Believes Henry Cejudo Will Defeat Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288

Sean O’Malley will possibly fight the winner of the UFC 288 bantamweight title main event later this year. He acknowledged that Sterling and Cejudo could be coming into the fight less than 100%. However, he thinks the returning Cejudo will get the win. 

“…Well, you know what? It’s in New Jersey; it’s kind of hometown for Aljo. I was listening to something, and Aljo said, ‘I wish I did get the surgery; bicep does f*cking hurt, I’m not going to lie.’ I was like, wow, that’s kind of interesting, kind of like coming out to say. So I know he’s probably dealing with that, but it looked like if you watch any of his training footage, it doesn’t look like he’s babying it too much. It doesn’t look like it’s that bad, but for him to acknowledge it, it must be somewhat kind of bad,” said O’Malley.

He continued, “…I’m gonna say Henry gets the job done.” When asked by his brother, Daniel O’Malley, how he thinks Cejudo will win, the UFC superstar said, “I think Henry going to outpace Aljo. I think Aljo is cutting too much weight. I think Henry’s going to, whether it’s a decision to get the job done in later rounds, I think he’s going to get the job done.”

The O’Malley brothers will be traveling to see UFC 288 this Saturday. Whoever wins the fight, it’s likely they will call out the “Suga Show” for a title fight. 

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