Sean Strickland doubles down on his criticism of 'weak man' Jake Paul for accepting Mike Tyson fight

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland criticized social media influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul for his upcoming matchup against boxing legend Mike Tyson. Paul will fight Tyson on July 20, 2024, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. In a first, the fight will be streamed live globally on Netflix.

Strickland pointed out the vast difference in Tyson and Paul’s ages in an interview with The Schmo. He went on a rant about his disagreement with Paul’s decision to fight Tyson and said:

“I mean, how old is Mike Tyson? 60? [57] Jake Paul [27], you are a disgrace of a man. You are the epitome of weakness. You are the scum of the earth. The fact that you even have a platform or anything of that nature is a slight on society. You truly make me f*****g disgusted. And if I ever encounter you in real life, I hope that I just don’t lose my s**t and go to prison.”

Check out Sean Strickland’s comments in the post below:

On an Instagram post of his clip from the interview with The Schmo, the UFC fighter doubled down on his stance by commenting and promising to deal with Paul in the future.

“You tried boxing once and lost to a part time boxer, so now you pick a 60 year old man… I’m glad the world understands you’re a weak man… One day we will settle up.”

Check out Sean Strickland’s comment in the screenshot below:

Strickland blasts Paul for taking on Tyson. [via Instagram]
Strickland blasts Paul for taking on Tyson. [via Instagram]
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