Super Bowl champion revealed that he met Conor McGregor and described the experience

Super Bowl champion Ryan Clark revealed that he recently met Conor McGregor and described the experience.

During a recent episode of ESPN‘s DC & RC show, Clark opened up about his meeting with the UFC star. He has interacted with a number of star athletes as he himself was an accomplished NFL safety who reached the pinnacle of the sport as a member of the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl-winning roster. He mentioned that McGregor was very generous and noted that the former two-division UFC champion is a charismatic person.

He said:

“He couldn’t have been more gracious and I actually met Conor [McGregor] before. He was ESPN…it was before he fought Jose Aldo and this was before the suits, he was just going around shadowboxing. And he talks to me before I go on set to do Sportscenter. And as soon as I saw him, he recalled that moment.” [19:15 – 19:35]

The former Super Bowl champion also mentioned that ‘The Notorious’ agreed to take a photo with his son during their meeting. He described the aura the former two-division UFC champion has and mentioned that his son was in awe, saying:

“He’s standing on one foot and he’s talking to [my son] Jordan about balance…That’s the type of charisma and magnetism that this dude has is that he was about to have my grown adult son, who plays college football, standing on one foot in the back of T-Mobile [Arena], bro.” [19:53 – 20:26]

Clark had a great experience meeting ‘The Notorious’, which shows that the UFC star is an engaging personality.

Check out the full video:

Ryan Clark shares a nice compliment Conor McGregor gave him

Despite not being an MMA fighter, former Super Bowl Ryan Clark shared that he recently received a nice compliment from Conor McGregor.

During the aforementioned episode, the former Pittsburgh Steelers safety opened up about his meeting with ‘Mystic Mac’ and mentioned that he received a nice compliment with regards to his progression as a broadcaster.

He said:

“He actually told me, ‘I love what you’re doing with UFC. It’s super cool to see you grow.'” [19:36 – 19:41]

Fans will be seeing plenty more of the former two-division UFC champion as season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter is set to air next month.

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