Swiss football star Alisha Lehmann strikes a pose in all black

Football sensation Alisha Lehmann continues to captivate fans with stunning content while her popularity surges on social media.

Lehmann posed indoors at nighttime for her latest look, wearing a beautiful black corset with white trim on the top, almost resembling tiny pearls.

She paired the beautiful top with a pair of curve-hugging sleek black pants, which helped with her gorgeous all-black outfit.

For accessories, Lehmann wore a unique pendant on the end of a thin gold chain necklace and a belly button piercing. Her makeup looked flawless, with dark brows and lashes, along with a pink shade of lipstick.

The 23-year-old forward for the English FA WSL club Aston Villa posed for several photos in front of vertical blinds with her wavy blonde hair flowing and a brilliant smile.

Two of those shots were close-ups, with the third image a longer shot of Lehmann standing sideways to reveal more of her outfit.

Two of those shots were close-ups, with the third image a longer shot of Lehmann standing sideways to reveal more of her outfit.

“Get the camera I’ll strike a pose,” Lehmann wrote in her Instagram caption.

Lehmann’s share racked up plenty of reactions, with over 433,000 likes and 1,600-plus comments from fans admiring the soccer star’s striking get-up.

Alisha Lehmann models stunning outfit

It was clear that Lehmann wanted to show her latest attire to her 10.8 million followers, as she shared a second Instagram carousel post featuring the look.

In four additional images, the Swiss soccer star stood and crouched for shots in front of a large window with beautiful city lights in the distance behind her.

Visible in the second IG post was the pair of thick white sneakers that Lehmann was rocking on her feet.

She struck two sideways poses, followed by one leaning forward as she rested her hands on her thighs and flashed a smile.

The final photo was a fun snap with Lehmann a bit blurry and making a peace sign with one hand.

The newer set of photos achieved over 109,000 likes for Lehmann quickly, with over 500 fans leaving comments on the IG post.

Alisha Lehmann’s endorsements

Lehmann is one of the biggest stars in the Barclays Women’s Super League (WSL), giving the global soccer sensation plenty of promotional power. Her Instagram currently sits at 10.8 million followers, while she boasts a TikTok account with 6.4 million followers.

With such a large following, Lehmann can work with various companies to help endorse and promote their products.

She’s a proud promoter of EA’s FIFA 23 soccer team, as she appears as a playable character in the popular sports video game.

As part of the promotion, she appeared in YouTube videos featuring musician Big Zuu as they played the game. Lehmann shared clips from the series on her Instagram and TikTok pages, with one that spotlighted the soccer star’s competitive side.

In addition to EA’s FIFA video game, Lehmann promoted Coca-Cola during last year’s World Cup tournament in Qatar and has a sponsorship as an Adidas athlete.

Along with those endorsements, Lehmann has an online store selling a few items bearing her image, including a 2023 calendar for her fans to order. Fans can opt for a regular calendar or one with Lehmann’s autograph on the front for a slightly higher price.

Thanks to her surging social media status, it won’t be surprising to see the soccer star add more companies to the list of those she actively promotes.

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