Take a look how Alex Pereira's sons have emotional reaction to his KO at UFC 287

Alex Pereira’s children remind us of the painful side of MMA.

Seeing your father get knocked out would be difficult for anybody, even if he is a champion MMA fighter. 

Alex Pereira.faced off against longtime rival Israel Adesanya for the fourth time in the main event of Saturday’s UFC 287 PPV. Pereira had been victorious twice in kickboxing and once in MMA, but fate was not on his side for their latest clash.

Unfortunately for the Brazilian, Adesanya got the revenge he was seeking and knocked out “Poatan” in the second round to reclaiming UC’s middleweight prize.

Alex Pereira’s Sons React To His Knockout

Obviously, fans of Israel Adesanya were happy to see him get revenge after being knocked out twice by Alex Pereira, in fights he was winning. However, the other side of that coin is the brutal reality of Pereira’s supporters seeing their man suffer a devastating knockout.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking iteration of this came in the form of the sons of Pereira, who were in attendance at UFC 287, in Miami, Florida. 

Video was captured, showing their reactions after seeing their father knocked out cold:

It is impossible to deny how challenging it can be to see the two sons of Pereira devastated, seemingly brought to tears by watching their father lose. This reaction may change the opinion of some, when it comes to the way Israel Adesanya approached the children to brag about his victory in the seconds after scoring the KO.

As hard of a pill as this may be to swallow at times, the brutal reality of MMA is that these things happen. It is going to be interesting to see if the UFC chooses to book Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya to fight for a fifth time, or if the book is closed on this long and intriguing rivalry for good.

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