Teddy Atlas comments on Alvarez’s win over Saunders

Renowned American coach Teddy Atlas reacted to the early victory of the WBA / WBO / WBC world middleweight champion Saul Alvarez against Billy Joe Saunders.

Тедди Атлас прокомментировал победу Альвареса над Сондерсом

“It’s not always how you fight, but it’s always how you behave. Saunders didn’t show the kind of behavior we want to see on the part of a fighter.

I was not mistaken when I said on our podcast that Canelo chose Saunders for a reason. He has no power, and he stands in front of you, allowing you to find him and work on the hull. I give Canelo his due, he did his job.

It seems like Carl Froch was a little biased towards Saunders. Our eyes don’t lie. I may need to examine the eyes, but I’m not sure where the commentators were looking. For most of the fight, I saw Canelo in control and delivering meaningful punches,Teddy Atlas wrote on his Twitter page.

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