The American made an impressive comeback. And after the fight, he pissed off McGregor.

On the night of May 9, the next UFC tournament took place in Las Vegas. Due to a number of circumstances, it turned out to be one of the shortest in recent years. There were only nine fights on the card, this was not even in difficult pandemic times. And it could have turned out to be eight, which would have been quite sad.

Diego Ferreira, who had to fight with Gregor Gillespie, did not meet the lightweight limit, showing an extra 2.5 kilograms on the scales. But his opponent did not balk and took the fight. And Gregor can be understood, the ex-champion of the American League Ring of Combat has not appeared in the octagon for more than a year and a half. And the last fight ended for Gillespie with a deaf knockout in the first round.

And the plot of the fight did not disappoint the fans, presenting one of the brightest performances of the evening. The Brazilian, who had to give 30% of his fee to his opponent in the form of a fine, started this fight with some particular frenzy. Despite the fact that both fighters have a solid wrestling base, the first two minutes of the fight were held in a stance, where Gregor missed several impressive punches and transferred the fight to the ground, where in the end he missed a couple of heavy elbow punches.

The American made an impressive comeback. And after the fight, he pissed off McGregor.

You need to understand that the 2.5 kilograms that the Brazilian did not dry out increased to 10-12 kilograms of live weight during the interval from weigh-in to the start of the fight. Going to his corner, Gillespie looked shocked. The American was breathing heavily even when he went out for the second five minutes. With some incredible efforts, Gregor managed not only to transfer his opponent to the ground, but also to control him for a long time. And if the first round remained with the Brazilian, then in the course of the second the American was already dominating.

From the corner of Ferreira they constantly shouted that the opponent was barely breathing, that it was necessary to squeeze him, but in fact it was their fighter who suddenly sank physically. And Gillespie continued to push, in the end Gregor threw two weighty elbows into the opponent’s head, similar to those that he himself experienced five minutes ago. And Ferreira resigned, he went into a deaf defense and no longer resisted the heavy blows of the opponent. The judge did not wait for the siren and stopped the fight.

The American made an impressive comeback. And after the fight, he pissed off McGregor.

But the most exciting thing for Gregor happened after the battle. Leaving the cage, he shouted into the camera that he is the best fisherman. It is not known for certain whether the American was referring to the UFC or the whole world, but one lightweight fighter was hooked on his words.

This Gregor Gillespie cat is no way in hell the best fisherman in MMA. Not even f*ckin close!” – wrote on Twitter Conor McGregor, who just a few days ago posted a photo with a fishing rod. The Irishman’s reaction spawned a flurry of memes that fans flooded the fighter’s Twitter account with. At the press conference, Gillespie himself reacted with irony to the situation, noting that this is an excellent reason for Conor to share with him some of his subscribers.

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