The case has not gone in the way Artem Lobov would have expected, сourt orders Lobov to pay Conor McGregor's legal fees in recent defamation suit

Conor McGregor and his former sparring partner have been involved in a legal dispute over the course of a few months. The retired fighter was the one who pressed charges first, claiming he was the brains behind Proper Twelve, McGregor’s famous Irish Whiskey brand. When ‘The Notorious’ lashed out on Twitter against him, Lobov filed a defamation case against him.

The case has not gone in the way Artem Lobov would have expected. On January 11, Mr. Justice Garrett Simons rejected an application by the retired UFC fighter regarding who should pay the legal fees for the case. Just before Christmas in December last year, the same judge also rejected Lobov’s defamation case against Conor McGregor.

The Irishman went on a rant on Twitter, calling his former training partner a rat. This is what Artem Lobov appealed against, calling it defamation. The application got rejected on the grounds of freedom of speech. In a since-deleted audio shared on Twitter, ‘The Notorious’ could be heard laughing at the fact that he could call Lobov a ‘rat’.

Hear the audio:

The Judge did give Artem Lobov the order to wait till the decision for the entire case was heard, before paying the legal fees. This could mean that the Russian may not have to pay the fee if Conor McGregor is proven guilty.

Conor McGregor was not interested in watching KSI fight Dillon Danis

KSI and Dillon Danis were set to fight on January 14 at the OVO Arena at Wembley. However, Conor McGregor’s former training partner pulled out of the fight because he felt he was unfit and under-prepared to fight the YouTuber-turned-boxer. Before the fight, ‘The Nightmare’ responded to a tweet by McGregor, saying he was going to do some ‘serious damage’ to Danis.

Conor McGregor was not bothered by the fight and responded by saying:

“Brother you’re a friendly little nerd I don’t care. He should be back doing mma if he is doing this little nothing burger match with you. I couldn’t care less about this genre of boxing, I am sorry. Have a good one.”

Although ‘Mystic Mac’ is still friends with Dillon Danis and roots for him, he felt as though the American should get back to MMA and not get into YouTube boxing. McGregor’s wish came true in the end after Danis pulled out of the fight.

Take a look at the exchange on Twitter:

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