The two stars Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal square up over 'punk b'tch' accusation

It’s no secret that Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal share a mutual dislike for each other. The two stars recently came face to face in Miami and had a heated exchange about things said and done in the past.

MMA journalist Chamatkar Sandhu recently re-tweeted Betr’s video of Paul being confronted by Masvidal in the parking lot of the Betr warehouse in Miami. For context, Betr is a micro-betting-focused sports betting company founded by ‘The Problem Child’ last year.

It seems Jake Paul was attending to some business inside the warehouse when he was notified of Jorge Masvidal’s arrival. Paul is then seen walking towards Masvidal while surrounded by members of their crews and cameras.

When the former UFC welterweight is asked if he was trying to cause trouble, he reminds the YouTuber-turned-boxer that Miami was his turf. Paul then stated:

“It’s your city, so you own this right here?… You’ve been saying a lot on Ariel Helwani’s. You called me a punk b**ch.”

To which Jorge Masvidal replied:

“I did.”

While it’s unclear if their altercation was staged, both men have previously fired shots at each other and have a history of callouts about a future boxing match. However, ‘Gamebred’ has previously stated that he’s not interested in boxing Jake Paul due to the 26-year-old no longer being undefeated.

Jake Paul vs. Jorge Masvidal: What did ‘Gamebred’ say about a possible fight against ‘The Problem Child’?

Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal have been going at each other for quite some time, and YouTuber-turned-boxer called out the Miami native for a boxing match soon after knocking out Tyron Woodley in 2021.

Masvidal was still under contract with the UFC at the time, and making that fight would be close to impossible despite the two going back and forth on social media.

In an interview with MMA Junkie in March, Jorge Masvidal was asked if a boxing match against Paul still interested him. Claiming that the YouTuber’s maiden split decision loss to Tommy Fury has somewhat changed his mind, he said:

“I always said it would be a great fight for me. I could knock him out, and make a lot of easy money… But you know, that ship has sailed now that he does not have that 0, maybe comes back and gets a couple wins and stuff but that’s probably the only dude.”

Jorge Masvidal announced his retirement from MMA after losing his bout against Gilbert Burns at UFC 287 and is now a free agent. Meanwhile, Jake Paul is set to box Nate Diaz in August.

Catch Jorge Masvidal’s comments below (8:34):

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