Tyron Woodley announces conditions for a fight with Jake Paul

Former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, is poised to enter a boxing match against Jake Paul, but only after beating blogger second, J-Leon Love, who spoke disrespectfully to him over the weekend, in a cage.

“You said a lot in the locker room, so let’s fight,” Tyron Woodley told ESPN. “I want to hear what Jake Paul has to say about this. Do you wanna fight me? We can arrange it if his friend J-Leon Love comes with me to fight according to the rules of MMA, because I want to smash him with my elbows. No boxing and puffy gloves – I need elbows with which I will splash his face. And I’ll also break his arm, and then I’ll let go. So if his boy wants to fight me, I will wait for him in a cage. “

Recall that last weekend Jake Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley’s friend and sparring partner Ben Askren in the first round, who received a guaranteed fee of five hundred thousand dollars in two minutes in the ring.

It was later announced that the organizers of the boxing evening managed to sell one and a half million paid broadcasts, raising about $ 75 million. Considering the financial component, it can be assumed that the conditions for the battle, if any, will be dictated not by Tyron Woodley, but by Jake Paul.

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