Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul. Paul negotiated an automatic rematch

Malki Kawa, manager of the former UFC welterweight champion of the American Tyron Woodley, said that the agreement for the fight with video blogger Jake Paul contains a clause about a rematch and the rivals will split the ring again if his fighter wins in the first confrontation.

Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul. Paul negotiated an automatic rematch

“Jake Paul’s team negotiated an automatic rematch clause,” Malki Kawa revealed to MMAFighting. “That’s how much this is a scary fight to them. If we win this fight, if Jake Paul wants it, then we have to run it back with him.”

Although Paul is only 3-0 as a boxer and has beaten Ben Askren, Nate Robinson, and AnEsonGib – a YouTuber – Kawa believes if Woodley wins it secures his legacy. He would get two big paydays and could retire on top like that and have his legacy cemented.

“This is a major, legacy fight,” Kawa said of Woodley’s fight against Paul. “Could you imagine if Tyron Woodley has lost his last four fights, comes in, demolishes this guy or say it’s a really good fight, Tyron pulls it out, goes and does another rematch, gets paid even more for the rematch. Let’s say beat him twice in a row and then decided to hang the gloves up forever.

“His legacy, although it’s already cemented, that takes it to another level and that’s why we got paid what we got paid and for Tyron,” Kawa added about Tyron Woodley’s fight against Jake Paul. “It also fires him up because it’s something completely different, it’s something new to train for and I think it’s an opportunity to erase the last four fights. That’s what we set out to do with this deal.”

Tyron Woodley enters the fight against Jake Paul on a four-fight losing skid.

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