Tyson Fury reacts to decision loss to Oleksandr Usyk last night in Saudi Arabia

Tyson Fury was handed the first defeated in his professional boxing career in, being dropped and almost finished by Usyk in the ninth round. Fury would have success of his own over the 12-rounds, picking up rounds of his own during the middle stages of the contest ‘The Gypsy King’ would land his own stinging shots which left Usyk visibly affected. 

However, Tyson Fury did noy push the action during the end of the fight which costed him dearly when it was time to tally up the scores. While Fury had likely not fully recovered, 

Tyson Fury Claims He Would Have Finished Oleksandr Usyk If He Knew He Was Down Rounds

Tyson Fury makes a unique offer to Oleksandr Usyk in a private chat after an insulting defeat

“I always say it’s about getting paid and getting laid,” Tyson Fury said. “We did that tonight. I thank Oleksandr for the good fight. It was a close fight, you know? I believe I thought I did enough, but I’m not a judge. I can’t judge a fight while I’m boxing it. If they would have said to me in the last round or whatever, ‘You’re down, go out and try and finish him,’ I would have done that.”

“But everyone in the corner believed we were up. All I had to do was just keep boxing, do what I was doing, and I thought we were getting it. But it was what it was. I’m not going to cry about spilt milk.” 

Tyson Fury would continue, paying respect to Usyk and his monumental effort which helped produce a thrilling undisputed heavyweight title fight. 

“I’ve had plenty of victories and I gave God the glory,” Tyson Fury began. “I’ve had this one loss in a close, close fight with a good man like Usyk, and it was what it was. I tried my best in there. I was having a lot of fun actually. I don’t know if it looked like it, but I was playing around, hands behind my back, and I was enjoying it. He’s a good fighter, Oleksandr, I was catching him and he was catching me, and it was a good fight, so I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did getting punched in the face.”

Tyson Fury does have a rematch clause in his contract with Usyk so should he choose, the pair will run it back at the end of the year.

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