UFC 284 lead commentator Jon Anik previewed the much-anticipated bout Alexander Volkanovski vs. Islam Makhachev

The UFC 284 main event will feature Alexander Volkanovski vs. Islam Makhachev in a battle between the No.1 and No.2 pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC, respectively.

‘The Great’ has moved up a weight class in his attempt to achieve double-champ status, and Makhachev will be looking to make his first defense of the lightweight title as well as overtake Volkanovski in the pound-for-pound rankings.

Among several main talking points has been the difference in size between the men. Makhachev is regarded as a “big lightweight” for the division, and there is speculation that he walks around at roughly 190 lbs outside of fight camp. But Volkanovski has affirmed his belief that Makhachev is underestimating the strength that ‘The Great’ possesses.

Another talking point heading into UFC 284 is the difference in grappling ability between the two men, with Makhachev’s sambo-style grappling having proved insurmountable in the past.

Jon Anik recently previewed the much-anticipated bout and expects a competitive affair on Sunday and said:

“This is a significant challenge [for Makhachev]. In terms of Alexander Volkanovski, we don’t know how he’s gonna look at 155 pounds, I think it stands to reason that he’ll be better than he was a 145. I don’t think he’ll lose much speed. I think what will be most interesting for me are those first grappling sequences and transitions… I certainly think that right now the fight is closer than the betting line suggests.”

Watch the video below:

UFC 284 lead commentator Jon Anik holds a massive Wombat

UFC 284’s commentary team will be led by the passionate voice of Jon Anik, and he will be flanked by former UFC champions Michael Bisping and Dominick Cruz. The trio will be appearing together in a UFC pay-per-view event for the first time in a weekend that appears to be full of “first times” for Anik.

A video recently surfaced online of Anik holding a marsupial native to Australia, where the UFC PPV is being held, called a wombatThe wombat is the closest relative to another animal native to Australia, the koala bear.

The video of him holding a wombat was uploaded to Twitter by @Patrick_McCorry. Anik said the following:

“We’re here with a wombat in Perth, Western Australia. My kids would be very excited that I participated.”

Watch the video below:

A marsupial is defined as a mammal that carries its young ones in a pouch, usually located near the stomach area, with the most famous marsupial being the kangaroo, the national animal of Australia.

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