UFC 288 press conference Tempers flare at as Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling exchange heated words

The forthcoming UFC 288 event will showcase a barn-burner bantamweight title bout between the former two-division champion Henry Cejudo and the reigning bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling.

The event promises to be a spectacle of combat sports and will be held at the renowned Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey, on May 6, 2023.

The anticipation for the bantamweight showdown between Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling at UFC 288 has been fueled by a rollercoaster of emotions between the two fighters. The pre-fight build-up has offered fans an array of drama, from questioning each other’s wrestling skills to meeting face-to-face with grace.

However, the top bantamweights took it to another level with their fiery exchanges during the UFC 288 press conference. The situation turned particularly contentious when the discussion devolved into a racial debate about the competitors’ respective countries of origin:

‘Funkmaster’ stirred the pot and stated:

“You’re not even a Mexican, you’re a fake a**-American.”

To which ‘Triple C’ responded:

“Shut up. And you’re not even a Jamaican, you’re a wannabe American. I am born in America, I am an American. Sucker.”

Check out the heated exchange below:

UFC 288: Betting odds for Aljamain Sterling vs. Henry Cejudo

The upcoming bantamweight bout between Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling has caught the attention of fight fans and bettors alike, with the latter taking a keen interest in the odds.

According to the latest odds from BestFightingOdds, Sterling is favored to win with a -105 odds ratio, indicating that bettors who wager $105 on the reigning champion could earn $100 in profit if he emerges victorious.

Meanwhile, Cejudo is the underdog with +100 odds, which means that those who bet $100 on the former two-division champ could potentially earn $100 if he manages to pull off an upset against Sterling.

Interestingly, the odds from Caesars Sportsbook MMA show a different scenario, with Cejudo being the favorite with a -115 odds ratio, meaning that bettors who risk $115 on ‘Triple C’ could potentially win $100. Sterling has -105 odds, which means that bettors who risk $105 on ‘Funkmaster’ could potentially win $100.

Regardless of the odds, the fight promises to be an intense battle between two highly skilled fighters, with Cejudo eager to reclaim his throne and Sterling looking to solidify his status as a dominant champion.

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