UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira shows off his impressive archery skills

UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira has been filmed nailing a perfect bullseye in archery class.

Pereira is scheduled to defend his middleweight crown against Israel Adesanya at UFC 287 on April 8.

As per the official announcement, their meeting will be a rematch of their UFC 281 showdown, which took place three months ago at Madison Square Garden in New York.

That night was a successful one for ‘Poatan’, who crowned himself as the new middleweight champion with an emphatic fifth-round TKO victory.

The pair also previously competed in the world of kickboxing with Pereira emerging victorious on both occasions.

And Pereira showed he knows how to find the target during a recent visit to Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian is a keen archer and a clip posted online showed off his incredible skill.

What’s even more impressive is that this was apparently his first archery lesson having previously been entirely self-taught.

WATCH: Alex Pereira shows off incredible shooting accuracy in archery class

Check out the video below:

Pereira, 35, has been enjoying his newfound fame after winning the title, but insists that he remains fully grounded.

“I don’t think anything has changed for me as a person,” Pereira told UFC.com.

“Before I was the champion, I had this feeling and then after I became the champion, I woke up the next day and realized nothing had changed. I’m more famous now. Everybody can see that.”

“That has been changing. I’m growing every day financially speaking as well. I think it’s a lot of things that have changed, but my priority is to be myself. I think I haven’t changed. I know I’m biased, but the people around me that know me can tell you.” 

Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya will face each other for a fourth time in April

And the former Glory middleweight and light heavyweight champion is adamant that while Adesanya’s gameplan may have changed, the outcome will still be the same.

“People also say, ‘Oh you keep saying things, but you’ll fight (Adesanya) again.’ Ok, no problem,” he added.

“What is he going to do? Is he going to change his strength? ‘Next time, (he should) use (more) force in the clinch… Next time, he said when you were landing on the ground, he wasn’t feeling it, so now hit him harder so he can feel it.’ So does that mean he wants to do that now and in the first fight he didn’t? He couldn’t do that. I can implement a game plan where he can’t do it once again.”

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